Snehatheeram Beach- All Details on Thalikulam Beach, Thrissur

Snehatheeram Beach- All Details on Thalikulam Beach, Thrissur

Lying towards the coast of the Arabian Sea, Snehatheeram Beach is a beautiful beach located at Thalikulam in Thrissur. The magical effect of skies during the sunset makes it a perfect tourist destination in Kerala.

About Thalikulam Snehatheeram Beach:

Thalikulam Beach is situated at about 25 km from the district capital n in Thrissur district of Kerala. It is otherwise called as Sneejatheeram beach (English: Love Shore). Snehatheeram had won the “Beach Tourism Award” by Kerala Tourism Department in the year 2010.

Snehatheeram is one of the cleanest beaches in Kerala. It is well maintained by the Kerala Tourism Department with the help of local people. This place is open on all weekdays and weekends on all hours. A well-maintained garden, chairs and paved walkway make this place wonderful.

For Children’s: The beach contains a wonderful children’s park perfect for kids to have fun. An aquarium having a huge variety of marine flora is also present here.

Thalikulam Beach attracts domestic tourists as it is close to the city limits. The main attraction of Snehatheeram Beach is the calm climate and the view of the sunset. Visitors always enjoy the sandy shore, the beach park and the garden which makes it one of its kind.

Best Time to Visit Snehatheeram Beach

The Beach is open all days and since this beach is a well-maintained, it attracts family and children irrespective of any seasons.

How to Reach Snehatheeram Beach – Google Map

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Snehatheeram Beach- All Details on Thalikulam Beach, Thrissur