Illikkal Kallu History & Trekking – A Detailed Guide

Illikkal Kallu History & Trekking – A Detailed Guide

Illikkal Kallu is one of the popular tourist destinations in the Kottayam district of Kerala. Illikkal Kallu extends the roots of Western Ghats in Kottayam and Idukki districts. And in this article let’s list down the complete details about Illikkal Kallu, Illikkal Kallu history, route, entry fees, etc.

About Illikkal Kallu

Illikkal Kallu is at about 4000-6000 ft. above sea level and is one of the popular destinations in Kerala. It is otherwise called as Illikka Kallu, Ikkikan Mala, Illicka Mala, etc. Illicka Mala comprises of three hills, and each of the hills has a peculiar shape.

One of them resembles a mushroom, which is known as Kuda Kallu (English: umbrella-shaped rock). It is said that the medicinal herb Neela Koduveli grows here. This blue colored flower is believed to have supernatural powers, which could increase wealth and ensure a rich harvest.

The second hill has a small hunch on the sides and is thus referred to as Koonu Kallu (hunch back rock). Across this rock is a 1/2 ft.-wide bridge called Narakapalam (English: bridge to hell). From the top of Illikan Mala, the Arabian Sea can be seen on the distant horizon as a thin blue line.

Illickan Mala is famous for its solitude, the quietude and the gentle breeze that blows there. There are so many mountain streams originating from here which later forms the Meanechil River.

If you wish to immerse yourself into the beauty of nature and like to spend some time, this is the right place for you.

Illikkal Kallu History

Did you know that Illikal have a prominent role in the history of Kerala, even centuries back? #will-be-updated-soon

Best Time to Visit Illikal kallu

The best time to visit Illikal kallu is after heavy monsoon rain, during the moths of rainy season and winter season and early summer season, Illikal Kallu is covered up with grass, herbs, and plants which makes the terrain beautiful. During the summer days you will experience a different view of terrain.

Illikkal Kallu Accident – The Aftermath

Back before the year 2016, there were no entry fees and restrictions at Illikal Kallu. The unfortunate events that resulted in the death of a young traveler resulted in some changes at Illikal Kallu

The District Tourism Promotion Council (DTPC Kottayam) along with local authorities has fenced some of the dangerous areas of Illikal Mala. Now the travelers can trek only with the specified limits of the Authorities.

Along with that, you are supposed to park your vehicle at about 1-2 km before reaching the top. Ample parking area is available there and you need to collect the entry ticket from the counter along with parking fees. A Jeep Safari (shuttle service)/is available to cover the rest of the distance from here. The jeep safari doesn’t costs much and it is helpful for people who don’t wish to do the ascend.

Places to visit near Illikal Kallu

  • Vagamon
  • Illaveezhapunchira
  • Areekal Waterfalls

How to Reach Illikal Kallu – Google Map:

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Illikkal Kallu History & Trekking – A Detailed Guide
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