Everything to Know about Mudumalai National Park and Tiger Reserve


Mudumalai National Park is located in Nilgiri district along the borders of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is located on Ooty-Mysore route and can be accessed via both Ooty and Mysore.

The National park is also declared as a Tiger Reserve with a population of about 50 tigers. Mudumalai National Park is one of the core ecological zone in India with Bandipur National Park and Nagarhole National Park towards the north and Wayand wildlife sanctuary to the south.

Mudumalai elephant camp
Mudumalai Elephant Camp

Best time to visit Mudumalai:  All seasons are best to visit Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary expect Monsoon. But Safaris during early mornings and evenings only promises a lot of animals sights. Bus Safaris are also conducted on demand.

How to reach Mudumalai Wildlife sanctuary:

One can reach Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary via road from bangalore, mysore, ooty and kozhikode. Mudumalai Tiger Reserve is about 240 Km from Bangalore, about 90 Km from Mysore, about 68 Km from Udhagamandalam (Ooty) and about 124 Km from Calicut.

  • From Kerala: Ernakulam -> Thrissur -> Nilambur -> Gudalur -> Mudumalai
  • From Kerala: Wayanad-> Sulthan Bethery-> Gudalur -> Mudumalai
  • From Karnataka: Banglore -> Mysoore -> Mudumalai
  • From Tamil Nadu: Ooty -> Mudumalai.

Eco Tourism activities:

Eco-Tourism activities at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve are as below:

  • Van/Gypsy Safari at the Reserve
  • Visit Elephant camp at Theppakadu
  • Elephant safari
  • Stay at Forest Lodges

Mudumalai National Park entry fees are as below:

Entrance Fee: Rs. 15
Eco-Preservation Charges: Rs. 100
Still Camera Rs. 26
Handy Camera Rs.157

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve Safari Fees & Timing

Mudumalai forest safari gypsy

Like all wildlife sanctuaries, both Gypsy Safari and Bus Safari are available at Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. And also there is options like Elephant safari at the Mudumalai Elephant Camp. Its feeding time for the Elephants at Mudumalai Elephant Camp after 6 in the evening. Visitors are allowed, till 7, to experience this . One need to take an entry pass from Mudumalai Base Camp to enter Mudumalai Elephant Camp.

Safari Type Cost Timings
Bus Safari(Mazda) Rs. 136 (5years & above) 6.00 am to 10.00am & 2.00 pm to 600. pm
Gypsy & Camper Safari Rs. 3000 (per vehicle) 6.00 am to 10.00am & 2.00 pm to 600. pm
Elephant Safari Rs. 860 (Max 4 nos) 7.00am to 8.00 am
Elephant Camp Visit  Rs. 15 8.30 am to 9.00 am & 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm

Note: Unlike Forest Departments of Kerala which offer exclusing trekkking programmes in the WLS in Kerala, Tamil Forest Department doesnt offer any trekking programmes in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve or National Park.

Mudumalai Forest Stay packages:

Mudumalai Tiger reserve has itself arranged a number of rest houses and dormitories within the forest range. All the below forest stay options are not situated at the same location but each of the area is known for a wildlife species. For example,  nearby Peacock dormitory you will be able to see large no. of Peacocks and near Tusker suite, the possibility to sighting of Tusker is high.

Mudumlai National Park is known nationally and internationally and attracts a lot of foreign and domestic visitors. During seasonal time Mudumali Wildlife Santuary will be crowded a bit, so to get good Mudumalai Tiger Reserve accommodation facilites one should book stays in advance.

Massinagudi log house Mudumalai tiger reserve
Massinagudi Log House
Name of the Rest House Room Tariff Entrance Fee Eco Preservation Charge + EDC Charges GST Total Amount per Room( 2 Persons) Additional Person Charges for additional person + ST
Abhayaranyam Annex I,  II 1200 60 200.00 + 100.00 144 1704 1 No 265
Abhayaranyam Rest House I, II 2000 60 200.00 + 100.00 240 2600 1 No 354
Cuckoo Rest House 3000 120 400.00 + 100.00 540 4160 2 Nos 968
Dhole 6000 90 300.00 + 100.00 1080 7570 1 No 838
Masinagudi Log House I, II, III,  IV 2000 60 200.00 + 100.00 240 2600 1 No 354
Masinagudi Rest House II 3000 120 400.00 + 100.00 540 4160 2 Nos 968
Masinagudi Rest House III 2000 60 200.00 + 100.00 240 2600 1 No 354
Masinagudi Trekking Shed I 540 120 400 1060
Masinagudi Trekking Shed II 810 180 600 1590
Minivet Dormitory I ,  II 810 180 600 1590
Morgan Dormitory I 1880 240 800 2920
Morgan Dormitory II 1410 180 600 2190
Peacock Dormitory I 1350 300 1000 2650
Peacock Dormitory II,  III 2700 600 2000 5300
Sylvan Dormitory 2820 360 1200 -- 4380 -
Sylvan Lodge I,  II ,  III,  IV 1200 60 200.00 + 100.00 144 1704 1 No 265
Theppakadu Dormitory I,   II,   III 1880 240 800 2920
Theppakadu Dormitory IV 2350 300 1000 3650
Theppakadu Dormitory V 1880 240 800 2920
Tiger Suite - Theppakadu 2500 60 200.00 + 100.00 450 3310 1 No 425
Tusker Suite - Theppakadu 3500 60 200.00 + 100.00 630 4490 1 No 543

Mudumalai Room Booking:

Muduamalai National park provides online facility for booking Mudumalai forest guest house: You can login to their official portal and book any of the available packages

 Official portalhttps://www.mudumalaitigerreserve.com/room-tariff/

Place Details:

Name: Mudumalai Tiger Reserve
Other Names: Mudumalai National Park
Location: Mudumalai, Theppakadu
District: Nilgiri, TamilNadu
Area: 321 km2 (124 sq mi)
Established: 1940
Known For: Wildlife Sanctuary, Jungle Safari & Stay
Official Website: https://www.mudumalaitigerreserve.com/
Nearest Town: Gudalur (15 Km)/ Gundalpet (32 Km)
Nearest ATM: Gudalur/Masinagudi (7 Km) (15 Km)
Nearest Railway Station: Udayamangalam (Ooty, Tamil Nadu)
Nearest Airport: Coimbatore Airport

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve Contact Details:

For any further inquiries on mudumalai tiger reserve accommodation or for booking any of the above forest guest house, you can contact:

Mudumalai National Park, Theppakadu, Gudalur, Tamil Nadu.
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0423-2445971
Mob: 8903505971, 8300918235

Nearby Attractions:

  • Bandipur Tiger Reserve(about 6km)
  • Nagarhole National Park(about 150km)
  • Moyar Dam (about 20km)
  • Masinagudi (about 18 km)

To know more about Mudumalai National Park and Elephant Camp or if having some queries related to Mudumalai Tiger Reserve accommodation facilities. Feel free to comment, Our team will definitely help you.  Love Photography & Travel? Sign up for our newsletter and stay updated with the latest articles.



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