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  • Newly added trekking destinations in Idukki district.
  • KattadiKadavu is situated near Vannapuram, Thodupuzha
  • KattadiKadavu is about 25kms from Idukki Town
  • Description

    KattadiKadavu is one of the arising trekking destinations near Vannapuram (nearby Thodupuzha) in Idukki District of Kerala. It is one of the promising destinations in Idukki with its panoramic view of hills and misty atmosphere. Kattadikadavu can be easily accessed from Muvattupuzha(35km) or Thodupuzha(25km) or from Idukki Township(33km). It is also known as Kattadi Kunnu or Marathakamala in the surrounding areas and consists of few viewpoints including Thumbithullum Para & Muniyara.

    Good to Know

    KattadiKadavu is about 12km from the famous Thommankuthu Waterfalls of Idukki and Blathykavala or Kalliparar(ci) are the nearby places. Few smalls shops are there on the opposite side, facing towards the start point of Kattadi Kadavu offroad trail. The viewpoint is about a  1-2 km journey from the main road, which can be accessed by foot only.

    The road is not good enough for 2-wheelers or 4-wheelers.  Although 2-wheelers can cover a maximum distance of 100-200metres of this trail, and its advisable to keep your vehicles at a safe location down near the main road(Last updated: Jan 2019)

    Starting from the main road the trail continues to progress through few private agriculture lands. There are sign boards at the starting point of the trail welcoming the fellow travelers to Kattadikadavu. Also, there are signboards all the way ahead, which helps travelers a lot.

    The trek can be classified as "moderate" as the first few meters of trek is a bit steep. After ascending for some time you will reach plain terrain with small ascend and descend. There you will find a small juice shop with water, lime soda and other eatables, which got started recently. You can rest there for some time if required.

    Continue the trek for some time and you will see that the road is split into two at a junction. Take the road toward the left and with some ascend you will reach Kattadikadvu first view Point.

    Mamuniaara(മാമുനിയറ) the second attraction of Kattadikadavu is just a step down the first viewpoint. Mamuniaara or simply Muniyara also offers a similar kind of view of the entire area.

    From the 1st viewpoint, you can continue the trail to the second viewpoint, which is also known as Thumbithullum Para. The view from there is entirely different from what you see from the first point. The trek to Thumbithullum Para can be completed with ease, as ascend and descend to this peak is not that steep.

    Here is a video about Kattadikadavu that we shot last year.  Though we have trekked here during different seasons, this one was the best trip among all over visits.

    Quick Facts

    Name: Kattadikadavu
    Name in Malayalam: കറ്റാടികടവ്
    Other names: Kattadikunnu (Malayalam: കാറ്റാടിക്കുന്ന് ), Marathakamala (Malayalam: മരതകമല), Thumbithullum Para (തുമ്പിതുള്ളും പാറ)
    Location: Idukki, Kerala, India
    Entry Fees: Nil
    Entry Timing: All days 6.00am -6.00pm (advisable to trail down, before dawn since the area is remote)
    Official Website:  Nil

    Places to visit near Kattadikadavu:

    • Thommankuthu Waterfalls (about 12km)
    • Anayadikuth Waterfalls (about 11km)
    • Mamuniyara/Muniyara (Just a few steps down the 1st viewpoint)
    • Thumbithullum Para (The 2nd viewpoint. in Malayalam: തുമ്പിതുള്ളും പാറ)
    • Venmany View Point (The hairpin bend before Kattadikadavu base station)
    • Meenuliyan Para (about 12km)
    • Kottapara View Point (about 8km)


    Entry Fees - Children: ₹ 10 / person
    Entry Fees - Adult: ₹ 10 / person
    Entry Fees - Foreigners: ₹ / person
    Camera / Photography Fees: ₹ 10 /-
    Videography Fees: ₹ 10 /-
    Parking Fees - 2 Wheelers: ₹ 10 /-
    Parking Fees - 4 Wheelers: ₹ 10 /-


    How to Reach

    How to Reach Kattadikadavu, Idukki, Kerala India

    Getting There

    From Thodupuzha: (25km) via Thodupuzha - Vannapuram - Mundanmudi - Kattadikadavu
    From Ernakulam: (68km) Ernakulam - Muvattupuzha - Vannapuram -Mundanmudi - KattadiKadavu
    From Idukki Township:  Idukki Township - Cheruthoni - Chelachuvadu - Kattadikadavu

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    Google Rating: 5/5 based on 45 Reviews
    Trip Advisor Rating: 5/5 based on 45 Reviews


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    Quick Facts

    • Place Name: Kattadikadavu
    • Place Name( (Malayalam): കറ്റാടികടവ്
    • Adventure
    • Budget Friendly
    • Sight Seeing
    • Vannapuram, Idukki, Kerala


    Vannapuram, Idukki, Kerala

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