The Less Explored Anayadikuth Waterfalls near Thommankuth Waterfall


Anayadikuth Waterfalls (ആനയാടികുത്ത് വെള്ളച്ചാട്ടം) or Anachadikuthu Waterfalls (ആനച്ചാടികുത്ത് വെള്ളച്ചാട്ടം), is one of the picturesque waterfalls in Idukki District of Kerala. It is one of the less explored waterfalls in Idukki which is situated about 20kms from Thodupuzha. Anayadikuth Waterfalls is also nearer to Thommankuth Waterfalls Thodupuzha.

Anayadikuth Waterfalls Thodupuzha
Anayadikuth Waterfalls

There are different stories revolving around the name of this waterfalls. One of it states that earlier the wild elephants usual roam here for water and one day one of these elephants lose its control, fell in the waterfall and dies which resulted in the name Aanchadikuthu Waterfalls. Another story states that long back two elephants fought at here, and one got fallen into the waterfalls, which eventually resulted in the name Anachadikuthu Waterfalls. And the name Anachadikuthu Waterfalls was later converted to Aanyadikuth Waterfalls.

Anayadikuth Waterfalls _up stream
Anachadikuthu Waterfalls stream just above the waterfalls

Not sure which is the right story behind the name, but Aanayadikuthu Waterfalls is one of the best waterfalls in Idukki. We would recommend this waterfalls to anyone who loves to spend time without any water-inhibited risks along with friends and family.

Anayadikuth Waterfalls
Another view of the waterfalls
Anayadikuth Waterfalls View Point
the way to Anayadikuth Waterfalls

Anayadikuthu Waterfalls is just 2kms away from Thommankuthu Waterfalls, which is famous for its 7 step waterfall. No signboards are available to Anayadikuthu Waterfalls, and you could always ask the local residents to get the direction or use google map.

Aanayadikuth Waterfalls is getting popularised by fellow travelers and we are tremendously sad to say that we saw slight littering over there. We hope all the travelers will help to keep that place like the way it is, without littering.

Place Details:

Name: Anayadikuth Waterfalls
Name in Malayalam: ആനയടിക്കുത്ത് വെള്ളച്ചാട്ടം /  ആനയാടികുത്ത്  വെള്ളച്ചാട്ടം
Other names:  Anachadikuth Waterfalls (Malayalam: ആനച്ചാടികുത്ത് വെള്ളച്ചാട്ടം)
Location: Idukki, Kerala, India
Entry Fees:  NIL
Camera  Fees:  NIL
Entry Timing: All days, no restrictions (better before dawn, as the place is in the remote area)

How to Reach Anayadikuth Waterfalls:

From Thodupuzha: Thodupuzha -> Muthalakodam-> Karimannoor -> Mulappuram -> Anayadikuth Waterfall
From Ernakulam: Ernakulam -> Muvattupuzha -> Vannapuram ->Anayadikuth Waterfall

Nearest Railway station: Ernakulam South, about 71kms or Kottayam about 76km
Nearest Airport: Cochin, about 65km
Nearest Bus Station: Thodupuzha, about 20km

Nearby Attractions:


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