Bye-bye to those old days when girls, especially in India liked to be at home playing with dolls and doing household courses. The world has changed so do the women. Since the past decades, women are now more inclined towards adventurous sports and outdoor activities. Breaking the social norms and stereotypes, today female bike riders of India are inspiring the younger generation.
These girls are not just woman bike riders, while they are working hard to uplift the society through their various activities like education, training, and even holding blood donation camps to give back society.
Roughly there are 4000 women bike riders in India and a fair number of all-women motorbike clubs are gaining popularity. The clubs collaborate those over the wheels women who share the common likes and wants to do good to the society. The top 10 Women Riders Club in India are:

The Bikerni Association of Women Motorcyclists:


Founded by Urvashi Patole, the Bikerni is India’s foremost association of female bikers that has members from all over India. With the aim of women empowerment, the Bikerni has united many female bike riders from different parts of India irrespective of their background. This is the largest all-women biker club of India and is also part of the Women’s International Motorcycle Association. This all-women biker club in India has been in limelight for their long expeditions to remote areas.

Recently in 2013, the members of Bikerni club have completed their longest and most challenging Khardung-La expeditions in Leh that has been recognized and rewarded by Limca Book of Records.

Official website of The Bikerni:
Facebook page of The Bikerni:

Hop On Gurls:

HoponGurls Lady Riders in India
HoponGurls Lady Riders in India – The Women Riders Group in Bengaluru
Established in 2011 by Bindu Reddy, Hop On Gurls is an all-women biker’s club which is based in Bengaluru. The club comprises of those women who are in love with owning and riding Royal Enfield and Bullet motorbike. Apart from handling the king of bikes on Indian roads, the Royal Enfield, this club also teaches others how to ride and control this heavy beauty. Hop On Gurls also organize Blood donation camps, free meals, medical camps to contribute to society.

Facebook page of Hop On Gurls:

Lady Bikers:

LadyBiker Women Riders in India
LadyBiker Women Riders in India– The Women Riders Club in West Bengal
The Bengal Lady Bikers is an all-women rider club which was initiated under the guidance of Ramia Samui Sarkar for, and of Kolkata-based riders. Unlike other clubs, the riders here take up unplanned road trips in the remote area. There are also riders who take off solo trips and then describe their journey through their website and facebook pages. For the past few years, they have been organizing educational and training camps for women on International Women’s day accompanied by their roadshow in Kolkata.

Facebook page of Bengal Lady Bikers:

The Riderni:

The Riderni Women Riders Club in India
The Riderni Women Riders Club in India – The Women Riders Club in Ahmedabad
Anjali Rajan founded the Riderni, an all-women biking club back in 2012. This club is based in Ahmedabad and has members under the age category of 20 to 50 years. The club is just not about women who are in love with biking rather, it salutes the women who fight all alone, overcome all hurdles to achieve their passion. “ Ride Till I Die’ is the slogan of the club and they enjoy self- liberation. The club has been organizing rallies and shows to educate the society regarding the various social injustice faced by women.

Official website of The Riderni:
Facebook page of The Riderni:

Biker Babez:

Biker Babez Women Riders India
Biker Babez Women Riders India – – The Women Riders Group in Chennai
A Chennai based female bike rider group, the Biker Babez empowers the women who love to take up the challenges of drag racing. Founded by Sindy Sundari in 2013, Biker Babez believes in “ Safe and Smart Riding”. The club motivates and teaches other women how to ride a bike. The club has 10 strong headed women bikers, who organize awareness rides to motive more and more women to take up biking regardless of their social and personal barriers.

Facebook page of Biker Babez:

Biking Queens:

Biking Queens Women Riders Club in India
Biking Queens Women Riders Club in India – The Women Riders Club in Gujrat
Founded by Dr. Sarika Mehta in 2015, Biking Queens is Gujrat’s most reputed all women bike riding club. With a total of 45 active members in the club, it works on inspiring girls to learn biking. The club was founded with an aim to enhance the perspective of people towards female bike riders. The club works together with various social welfare committees in the state and helps in creating harmony among the people and especially works for women’s safety in the workplace. Anyone who wishes to serve the society can join the club.

Facebook page of Biking Queens:

The Lady Riders of India:

Lady Riders of India Women Bike Riders Club
Lady Riders of India Women Bike Riders Club – – The Women Riders Club in Pune
Based in Pune, Maharashtra, The Lady Riders of India was established in 2016 by Maral Yazarloo. With 24 members in the club, this rider group has women who own and love bikes above 650cc. Besides just owing a 650cc plus bike of any premium brand, it requires a female rider to covered 10,000 kilometers in order to be a part of this group. As it has members all around the country, hence they meet -up at big cities and plan their trip ahead. Currently, The Lady Riders of India club is planning a bigger trip straddling the length and breadth of the country.

Official website of The Lady Riders of India:
Facebook page of The Lady Riders of India:

The Regals:

The Regals RE Galls Women Riders India
The Regals RE Galls Women Riders India – The Women Riders Club in Mumbai
Dr. Aparna Bandodkar a dentist from Mumbai initiated an all Royal Enfield women bikers club called the Regal in 2012. Popularly called the Royal Enfield girls of Mumbai, this club has a fair number of women bike riders. The passion of owning and riding the Beast Royal Enfield in groups has won them the title of “Queens Of Mumbai”. The Regals all women biker group organize rallies and shows to educate the society towards the sensitive topics and most towards women empowerment. Mostly the members of the groups are working women from different backgrounds and are connected with their love for biking and social work.

Facebook page of The Regals:

Ladies of Harley:

Harley Owners Group Harley Women Riders in India
Harley Owners Group Harley Women Riders in India
The Ladies of Harley is An extension of Harley Owners’ Group HOG for women riders who owns and know to ride these expensive Harley Davidson bikes. The club consists of fun-loving caring strong-headed women from different regions of India from various backgrounds. The members of Ladies of Harley India group believe in freedom in life whether on or off the road. The ladies of Harley- The group insides the women riders and their freedom in life.

Facebook page of The Ladies of Harley:

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